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Hornets see eye of the Tiger

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By Lucretia Garland

By Lucretia Garland

var uslide_show_id = “49c2b596-4dfe-4ed5-ab88-831c6333d6f6”;var slideshowwidth = “468”;var linktext = “”;From stolen bases and strikes, to foul balls and runs, the Riverside City College Tigers and Fullerton College Hornets displayed the real meaning of baseball.

Putting an end to a four-game losing streak, the Tigers caught a fly ball, securing a 4-3 win over Fullerton on April 24.

They are now two games back from fifth place, with a 6-11 conference record.

The Tigers began the game with freshman Daniel Duran hitting a single in the first inning, scoring the team two runs.

“I’m hitting pretty well,” Duran said. “I get about two hits a game.”

Duran had a hamstring pull a year ago. Two games ago, he was injured by a ball hop to the nose. He is currently recovering and is still playing hard every game.

“I started off on the bench, then I got moved to third base,” he said. “Now, for the last two games, I’ve been on second base.”

Both teams challenged each other with dynamic defensive and offensive strategies. Teamwork was a major necessity for this game.

Bryce Holland stole second base in the fifth inning. The Tiger’s Billy Hamilton hit a double, leading to Duran racing home to score a run in the sixth inning.

Sophomore Erick Carrillo pitched for almost the entirety of the game.

“I’ve been playing since I was five years old,” Carrillo said, “It’s pretty good, just trying to stick with it.”

Sophomore Sean Greer replaced Carrillo at the mound in the eighth inning. The Hornets scored their first run in the eighth inning.

Fullerton got back in the game when center fielder Mitch Levier tripled to center field past the outstretched arm of Riverside’s Holland.

“I really wasn’t really (sic) playing in the beginning of the season,” Holland said. “I just started playing last month.”

The Tigers and Hornets were tied going into the ninth inning. Two back-to-back runs in the ninth inning by the Hornets prompted the Tigers to switch pitchers again to Kyle Morgan.

After a double by Richie Jimenez, Holland redeemed himself by making the game-winning single at the bottom of the ninth inning to drive in Jimenez.

Sophomore Eric Krzysiak sat out for the preseason games, and was getting on the field occasionally once the conference started.

Orlando Torres broke his finger, which gave Krzysiak the opportunity to split time with Mike Neff.

“I started as a backup,” Neff said. “Krzysiak is a good guy and he really stepped up in the game.”

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