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When cultures meet

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By Thalia Trujillo

Donned with a Karate Gi (uniform), each Karate Club member finishes off their demonstration druing International Education Week. (Katrina Manio)

By Thalia Trujillo

For three days, Riverside City College enjoyed the various flavors of the world.

The night of Nov. 15 began in the Riverside campus cafeteria with many people gathering at the tables to observe the show.

Dancers from Colombia danced to traditional music, followed by two Brazilian children who played the guitar and sang.

Later on, people from the Philippines came dressed for a fashion show with their decorative and luxurious outifits.

Supporters from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia via UC Riverside came to the premiere night and performed a traditional dance.

As the dancers danced to the exotic music, they invited everyone to join in on dancing with them and learn some new dance steps.

The International Club has different students from all over the world. Members come from places like Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and other countries.

During the introduction of the club, the President of the International Club stated that the purpose of this event was to enhance ethnic fusion.

Camilo Almeida, an RCC student from Brazil, has been in Riverside for six months. According to Almeida, he is very happy to being part of this International program.

“The International Club does movie nights for us and we have gone ice-skating as well,” Almeida said.

Almeida is a full time student and a tennis player for RCC.

“It’s been a culture shock to move to America from Sao Paulo, Brazil,” he said. “I really enjoy the lifestyle here and the weather.”

The International Week festivities continued at the Aguilar Patio Nov. 19 and 20. There were different booths to represent different countries and give people information about specific countries.

There were different performances during International week. The RCC Jazz Ensemble came to perform, as well as the RCC Dance-Touring Ensemble.

At the booths, there were various food samples. Food items ranged from Gimpau, a vegetable roll from Korea, curry rice from Japan, dumplings from China, Lumpia egg rolls from the Philippines, and chocolates from Brazil. They had different kinds of food for people to try something different.

Another of the booths consisted of different campus groups. One of them was Amnesty International, a group advocating awareness about freedom in all countries.

The RCC Karate Club was displaying pictures of their club and members.

Other booths were also showing different pamphlets of foreign countries.

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