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Students astonish downtown

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By Thalia Trujillo

By Thalia Trujillo

Art was the entertainment of the night Oct. 4 in downtown Riverside.

This marks the first time that Riverside City College photography students could display their work.

On the second floor of the Riverside School for the Arts building, many people gathered to admire all the beautiful creations each artist created.

An artistic slideshow of over 300 slides were displayed for the spectators.

This is the best way to network for many artists, since many from the community will be observing and admiring, and also purchasing creations.

The art show included some black and white and color pieces, one example would be from art student Vanessa Soto.

Soto visited Vietnam over the summer and was inspired by the angles and shapes of the markets on any regular day.

“I got a triangular composition and the black and white picture was to show the value in art,” she said.

The piece is called “Vietnam Market” and is worth $800. On the other hand is a color piece, “Into the Sea,” by Jami Hofstee. This piece is based around the northern coast.

Hofstee is inspired by nature like the sand that gets trapped in the water, sea weed and the blue ocean or the intense color of the sunset being displayed.

“This fine art aspect conveys the peace to the viewer,” said Hofstee.

This piece is valued at $75 and is located in the second floor in the secretary’s office.

The second floor was crowded along with the artists and other people wanting to see the works of these inspiring artists.

Along with all the pieces, there were also awards and honorable mentions. Taking the Best of Show award was Nancy Carenen for “Old Mill.” The first place award went to Viewpoints photographer Justin Henderson for “Untitled Owl.”

Also, honorable mentions went to Terrie Tavis for “Busy Bee,” Constantino Gonzales for “Broken Glass,” and Anita Six for “Fresh Hot Popcorn.”

This is the first time that students are able to participate in an event for downtown Riverside Arts Walk.

All the students are being inspired by their art instructors and are absorbing all the knowledge they need for a future in art.

The pieces will be on display at the second floor of the RSA building until December.

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