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Green injured, Johnson unapologetic

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By Kevin Hudec

By Kevin Hudec

Unsportsmanlike conduct should be more than a 15-yard penalty; it should be a massive fine, and nobody deserves a massive fine quite like Travis Johnson of the Houston Texans.

Trent Green, quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, suffered his second concussion in a little more than a year on a play Oct. 7.

Green went in low for a block when Travis Johnson’s knee struck a horrendous blow to Green’s helmet, snapping his head to the side.

Johnson came running back to the unconcious quaterback after the play, pointing, laughing and reportedly yelling the words “that’s what you (expletive) get.”

He finished this classy move by standing over Green, gloating as the Miami Dolphin’s medical staff rushed onto the field to aid Green. Green was eventually sent to Houston’s Methodist Hospital.

“At 12:01 I had a lot of respect for Trent Green, at around 12:20, I said (another expletive) Trent Green,” Johnson said.

Meanwhile, Green took the high ground and didn’t even have a comment about Johnson’s inexcusable behavior.

“I want to thank everyone for their expression of concern over the last 24 hours, especially my teammates and coaches,” Green said via a statement released by the Dolphins. “I also want to convey my appreciation to the Dolphins and Texans trainers and doctors, as well as the people at Methodist Hospital, for their help in treating me yesterday.”

Green’s comments on the severity of his multiple concussions, in addition to this recent concussion more than likely, make this a career ending injury.

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League, has made a name for himself over the last two seasons as being someone who doesn’t allow players to embarrass the NFL.

He has even gone so far as to suspend players who have been accused of crimes, yet not convicted on any charges purely because of the bad press that it creates about the quality of NFL players.

Johnson has more than likely made himself the next target for Goodell’s sure-handed judgment with the embarrassment he has brought to the league, his team, and upon himself.

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