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Delays, doubts raised on Quad construction

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By Aletheia Meloncon

Workers continue construction on the A.G. Paul Quadrangle, which has been under construction since 2005. (Khai Le)

By Aletheia Meloncon

Problems with infrastructure and unexpected changes in design have pushed back the reopening of the A.G. Paul Quadrangle at Riverside City College. The preliminary date of July 7 has been pushed back to possibly October or November.

According to Linda Lacy, Interim President of RCC, delays were attributed to the building’s infrastructure.

“It presented challenges because it was so old,” Lacy said.

Lacy was personally disappointed that the Quadrangle would not be ready for the beginning of the semester.

“The setback is primarily due to all of the new plumbing and wiring installed,” Lacy said. “Testing is required before the Quadrangle can be reopened for classes.”

The Quadrangle, which was originally constructed in the 1920’s, had old wiring and plumbing that needed to be completely renovated in order for the building to be ready for students.

ASR Constructors, who are the general contractors for the remodeling of the Quadrangle, said the reason for the delays have been the changes to the scope of the building in the last six months.

“The major changes were due to changes by Steinberg Architect that came up within the last six months and the buildings old plumbing, electrical and wiring,” Project Manager Dale McCurry of ASR Constructors said.

McCurry said that close to two million dollars in additional funding was given to the project to accommodate the changes that were made to the Quadrangle that was not part of the funding for the original plan.

“You don’t know [when] unforeseen problems will occur [with] remodeling and the condition of the building,” McCurry said.

McCurry seconded Lacy’s claim that plumbing and electrical issues have to be resolved before the Quadrangle can be reopened and was optimistic.

“We are working as a team to get through the issues we have encountered,” McCurry said.

Lacy commented that she has been given a new date by ASR Construction that estimates the Quadrangle being finished weeks away from October.

McCurry projected the new completion dates are more toward November or with luck late October.

The new design is part of the Design Build Project of Bond Measure C that was granted to the Riverside Community College District. It will help to renovate RCC to a more modern urban campus.

“Enrollment growth is up and we want students to have a good experience when they begin having classes in the Quad area,” Lacy said.

Despite the setbacks, Lacy said that Convocation for 2007 would be held outside of the Quadrangle area on Sept. 13 at 9 a.m.

Currently Lovekin Field accommodates many of the classes that were once held in the Quadrangle area.

“Fall classes were scheduled for the Lovekin Field so there would be no interruptions in the student’s classes,” Lacy said.

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