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Is this a college… or a boxing ring?

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By Staff Editorial

By Staff Editorial

Fighting and bickering have a safe and secure home at RCC as the semester comes to an end. Whether it’s the administration fighting will the faculty or student government members arguing amongst themselves, it’s always something.

What’s incredibly disturbing and to be quite frank, infuriating, is that these people could accomplish so much more if they would stop arguing and put their collective noses to the proverbial grindstone. There’s work to be done!

We can’t even imagine how many issues could be addressed and problems solved if the different and disagreeing groups on campus would focus their efforts on running the school instead of fighting.

Student government does a great disservice to the students they are supposed to be serving with all the clandestine actions that have been going on. Those that have been elected to serve us should do so, period.

One would think that student government would be a microcosm of the outside political world and to an extent it is, but the president of the United States can take us to war faster than our faithful collegiate servants can make a decision about where to hold a bake sale. But what about the people who watch over student government and in certain instances work hand-in-hand with them?

We’d like to call them the administration and yes, they are just as bad.

All year long it has been one conflict after another with the administration, and we are tired of it. We want less talk and more walk, to use a mundane cliché, but sometimes the simpler, the better. If companies operated with as much frivolous and unproductive garbage that this college’s administration does, it would be bankrupt before a whistleblower could say scandal.

What is even more frustrating about them is that they seem to have forgotten that they are public servants and that the people they serve pay their hefty salaries through tax dollars. And the equation that clicks the most in our heads is that salaries paid with tax dollars equals accountability concerning their actions. They refrain from speaking to the public about what they are doing and get defensive when questioned.

We’re sorry that we want to know what’s being done with our money and next time, maybe we’ll just smile and nod, but we’re not promising anything. It’s frightening to know that these people control the educations and eventual futures of so many students. What sort of role modelare they trying to portray to the student body?

Whatever it is, it’s not a good one.

We want answers, we want accountability and we want both groups, student government and the administration, to take responsibility for their actions. Does that seem like such an irrational concept? We think not.

Honestly, what is so hard about being open, truthful and above-board about what you’re doing? It’s a policy that most of humanity can agree upon as being healthy and good, but it’s not the standard at this college.

And with as much attention as there is paid to standards of education, it would be nice to see a little of that effort given to the standards of behavior here at RCC. But then again, as author turn of the century writer Carolyn Wells once said, “Ideals, standards, aspirations,-those are chameleon words, and take color from their speakers–often false tints.”

There’s truth in those words.

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