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‘Muse’ takes the lead

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By Freedom Moreno

(Freedom Moreno)

By Freedom Moreno

When it comes to seeing a band, especially for the first time, most people tend to favor small venues with a more intimate, up close and personal setting. This was definitely not the case for the arrival of the U.K.’s very own Muse, the experience was still awe-inspiring in the gigantic venue that is The Great Western Forum.

The fans of Muse in Southern California had been buzzing with excitement for months, awaiting the visit of the British progressive rock band.

The long awaited Southern California concert was held at The Forum in Inglewood, April 10. Not only did Muse play at the legendary venue which has a seating capacity of 18,000, but amazingly enough, it was completely sold out which is a great accomplishment for any musical act.

How did they manage to sell out at The Forum? The answer is a simple yet powerful one; the word of mouth from devoted fans, which is due to the band’s ability to put on a great show and make great music.

The night started out with Muse playing “Knights of Cydonia” from its latest album entitled “Black Holes and Revelations.” The crowd was in an uproar of sing-along lyrics such as “No one’s going to take me alive,” with fists raised upright in perfect unison.

Muse is no stranger when it comes to playing big venues, the band is pretty popular in Europe. That being said, the band brought it’s whole set, including the trumpet player for the song “City of Delusion” along with the previously mentioned “Knights of Cydonia.”

Vocalist Matthew Bellamy intrigued the audience as he executed his music through lyrics, guitar and piano. The band played tunes from previous albums as well as its latest release, making the set-list varied and satisfying.

The concert ended in two encores. Yes, two encores, surely a truly remarkable affair to witness. After a set of twenty songs, Bellamy requested for the audience to bring out their cellular phones. The Forum was a sight to see with cell phones and lighters askew amongst the crowd, swaying back and forth in perfect motion.

The performance was indeed spectacular and well put together, but somehow lacked a personal spontaneity. This of course is to be expected at such a large event, which may be why many of the band’s die hard followers were disappointed to have the concert held in such a vast arena. Nevertheless, the band’s over the top performance captivated the audience effortlessly.

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