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American Music Awards 2006

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By Corrine Love

By Corrine Love

What a way to waste three hours. ABC’s American Music Awards aired Nov 22 and the ceremony opened and closed with lackluster.

Of course a grocery list of performances were supposed to help, but really did not.

Beyonce opened the show with “Irreplaceable” but all she treated audiences to was wind blown hair and four inch glitter heels.

A long time ago, maybe like 10 years ago,award shows were breeding grounds for celebrity spontaneity, awesome live performances and absurd wardrobe choices.

Last night the AMA’s was a let down in almost every possible category.

A new generation of celebrities, who are famous for the sake of being famous, displayed a disappointing lack of charisma as they read the not-so-funny one liners off the teleprompter.

If I remember correctly, audiences are not supposed to be able to tell that a star can drop the punch line with effort.

It appeared that celebrities like Paris Hilton looked preoccupied when the cameras rolled to their faces not preoccupied with the sheer excitement of “gee, who is going to win for best rock?” But for “where is the after party at?”

Spontaneity did occur, for the worse though in the Pussycat Dolls performance of “Buttons” dancer Jessica Suta stumbled noticeably off a chair prop. Fall Out Boy, Mary J. Blige, Dixie Chicks, Snoop Dogg all had decent performances. Jay-Z’s performance left more to be desired, but the overall worst performance of the night had to go to Gwen Stefani.

Stefani performed her new single “Wind it Up” and amazed the crowd with a surefire “what the?” factor as she rapped and yodeled; her Harajuku girls in tow, Stefani proved just how bad throwaway music can sound live.

But not all of the performances were You-Tube material, Tenacious D shook the audience and reminded us all that passion and stained shirts are raw American music.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the event Kimmel who is known for his comedy shtick on “The Man Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was also treading water.

A highlight of his comedic routine included his snippet about the 45 seconds rule and Kanye West’s 45 second rebuttal.

But the most brilliant routine resulted in a reportedly teary-eyed Britney Spears. Spears who recently divorced “no hit-wonder” Kevin Federline, witnessed a public bashing of her estranged husband.

Sorry Britney, but a look-a-like Federline being dropped into a sound proof box, made the show. Think of it this way: it’s the best for the American public right now.

Black Eyed Peas, Carrie Underwood, Sean Paul, Kelly Clarkson and Red Hot Chili Peppers all took home awards in their respective categories.

The big winners were Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nickelback.

For those of us who wish there was just more to an award show, guess we’ll have to wait until the Grammy’s in 2007.

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