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Celebrating 90 years

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By Tiffany Cammerata

Roni Smith allowed celebrants to have their cake and eat it too as she dished it out during the party. (Chris Dietrich)

By Tiffany Cammerata

The 90th year was celebrated on March 15 for Riverside City College. 

Riverside City College is one of the longest standing community colleges in the state and dates itself back to 1916.

During times of war, depression, political scandals and natural disasters, RCC has been able to serve over 2 million students in its 90 years of existence.

Not only is RCC a historic landmark for the city of Riverside, but also a landmark in its students lives.

“I picked RCC because it is close to home and my mom attended, and now my cousin attends also, so it has become sort of a family tradition,” said RCC nursing student Danella Vasquez.

In order to commemorate the 90 years of success RCC, festivities were held in front of the campus Bookstore. 

With lively music setting the tone, RCC trivia was played and people with the correct answers were rewarded with prizes.  Tables were placed all around the Quad with a festive Latin theme and Taco stands were set up where free lunch was served.

Overall people walked away happy from the event.

“I had no idea any of this was going on, or that RCC has been around for 90 years, but free food is awesome,” said RCC student Josh Chavez with a mouthful of taco.

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