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Landis Gallery brings art, culture to students, faculty alike

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By Crystal Carry

The Gallery remained open for several nights, giving students and faculty the opportunity to view the photographic techniques employed by the two artists. (Chris Dietrich)

By Crystal Carry

With the remodeling of the A.G. Paul Quadrangle closing the building, the Art Gallery also had to shut its doors. It is back and open today in a new location in the Landis Performing Arts Center.

“The art faculty thought we needed to always have a gallery going,” said Gallery Coordinator Leslie Brown.

The reopening of the Art Gallery exhibited work by Ed Martin and Jerry Burchfield.

“I saw Ed’s work at Cypress College and Jerry’s in Laguna, and I thought they would look beautiful together,” Brown said. “They are stunning images.”

Burchfield’s art, “Primal Images” and “Exotics,” addresses change happening in exotic environments.

“I make work that changes or evolves over time, creating evolving situations. To take a normal photo would be fine, but I knew it wouldn’t be different from everyone else’s. I wanted to do more,” Burchfield said.

Martin also takes a different approach for his art, “Infinite Detail.”

“He uses oil to make the photo look like it is underwater which is a very different effect,” Burchfield said.

“Working with things like this in the dark is like taking a visual trip to another world,” Martin said.

The artists spoke about their work ,and people walked around the exhibit.

“Their work is interesting and different,”said local resident Nancy Hart who was also surprised about the location. “There is a whole emotional side I didn’t anticipate.”

“It’s great that art was put in front of people instead of asking people to come to it,” she said.

The next exhibit called New Ground will feature five women print makers from the L.A area which opens April 20.

“We’re bringing art to RCC like it’s never been there before,” Brown said. “Art can change the world, I believe it.”

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