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By Johnathan Kroncke

By Johnathan Kroncke

If you don’t pick up this DVD, Milton will set the building on fire.

The brand new special edition “Office Space” DVD has finally hit the shelves and is packed with flair.

Based on the animated short “Milton” by Mike Judge, this cult classic follows the frustrating life of computer programmer Peter Gibbons, played by Ron Livingston (“Little Black Book,” “The Cooler”).

Along with his friends Samir Nagheenanajar and Michael Bolton, Peter wages war against the bureaucratic forces of evil at Initech, a software company whose sole purpose seems to be boring its employees into retirement.

After a session with an occupational hypnotherapist, Peter begins to see his mundane existence in a new light and decides to change a few things. He refuses to work, ends his miserable relationship with his girlfriend and begins pursuing his ideal love interest.

But when his erratic behavior earns him a promotion while his friends get the corporate ax, Peter hatches a scheme to rip off Initech and once and for all proclaim that people do not belong in cubicles for the rest of their lives. Of course the plan goes horribly awry and the clock is ticking until the three stooges wind up in federal prison.

“Office Space” has the unique ability to connect with the common man. Mike Judge has his finger on the pulse of America and speaks to every day-to-day worker through his comedic masterpiece.

Like any good movie, this one not only has a great story that is easily relatable, its characters are unforgettable. Bill Lumbergh, played by Gary Cole (“Dodgeball,” “Cry Wolf”), is hilarious as the boss who slowly trudges through his plutonic pleasantries.

Ironically, despite the fact that his speech and movements are exasperatingly slow, Lumbergh is always accompanied by a cup of coffee.

However, it is Stephen Root (“The Ladykillers,” “Surviving Christmas”) who steals the show as Milton, the loser who is all but invisible and is always on the edge of either quitting or “setting the building on fire.”

He is only noticed enough to recognize that he takes up space and his incessant mumbling is ignored as often as it is spoken. Milton is the kind of guy for whom you truly feel sorry but couldn’t stand to be around for more than two seconds.

The special edition “Office Space” DVD has a few new features such as the added half-hour special revealing how the movie came to life as well as a complete list of deleted scenes. It also so has a unique DVD-ROM feature that allows you to play games and download sound-clips and wallpapers for your computer.

With the release of the new special edition DVD, the popularity of “Office Space” is sure to grow even more than it already has.

Mike Judge’s comedic gem has already touched so many with its true to life take on desk jobs and uncaring corporations. This DVD is perfect for both first time viewers and die-hard fans alike.

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