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Clay Club hosts chili cookout

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By Monique Larkin

By Monique Larkin

The smell of hot chili wove itself into the nostrils of Riverside Community College staff and students Nov.17 hosted by the RCC Clay Club.

The Clay Club chili cookout is an annual event in order to raise money for various events and special occasions.

Josh Pedroza is a member of the RCC Clay Club.

He had all of his pottery sold and bought for the $5 each.

All of the chili bowls were handmade by the club members.

“I had made 10 bowls. All of them went already,” Pedroza said.Within two hours of the chili sale, only two bowls remained.

It takes time and effort to make pottery, and for the Clay Club having one fundraiser per year is enough.

“It is very difficult and time consuming to make bowls,” said Carol Reid, one of the Clay Club’s advisers.

Not all members are required to make bowls for the chili cookout. It is based on a volunteer basis.

Yuki Nakamura has been a member of the club for three years.

“We always have a good response from the teachers,” Nakamura said.The staff and faculty of RCC enjoyed the chili at a nearby table that was set up just for the consumption of it.

“We come every year,” said Adrianne Fisher, Specialist for Instructional Research for the RCC. “We want to support the students.”

Leshawn Moore who works in Fisher’s same department agreed. She enjoys the chili, but she has another motivation that keeps her and her colleges coming back.

“We come for the bowls,” Moore said.

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