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Ah-nold has a lot on his mind, not much on the people of California.

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By Niccole Rumans

By Niccole Rumans

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing a good job showing California just how fake he can be. With his plastic face and his plastic smile, he screams, “Trust me.” If you want to trust Arnold, you should first ask him what happened to the education budget.

Choosing a politician to vote for is tough. Whom do you vote for? Voting by appearance just doesn’t work. And voting for an actor who married into a political family does not work either. You shouldn’t think that because he played someone you can trust that he actually IS a person you can trust. When he replaced Gray Davis, did he have any experience at being a politician?

As an action hero, he made a great Terminator, but that is make-believe. This is the real world here. He has completely alienated the state assembly such that he has to use the initiative process to try and get his unpopular laws passed. Is this the best California can do?

Was this some big ploy for Arnold? Was this another big act for big bad Arnold Schwarzenegger, the action hero to play? I think it would be good for Ah-nold to remember that looks don’t last, not even in Hollywood.Here’s an idea, instead of trying to muck-up everyone’s lives, maybe you should stay in the land of make believe where the guy who hits harder wins. In the real world, sometimes the best path is not violence.

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