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Rape attempt on campus

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By David Morris

By David Morris

According to campus police, a lone female exited the Digital Library and Resource Center at the Riverside Campus of Riverside Community College at 10:43 on August 7. As she was heading to her car she was approached by an out-of-state white male transient and assaulted. The assailant tried to force himself into the victim’s car and upon her.

She fought the assailant away from her car and then proceeded to follow the assailant in her car reporting his location to the police on her cell phone. RCC Police Officer Douglas Beason was in the area and responded to the call along with Riverside Police Department. Beason arrested the assailant on Magnolia Street and detained him until RPD arrived and relinquished custody to them. The victim is doing fine said RCC Chief of Police Lee Wagner. She didn’t require medical assistance. The assailant, however, gave a confession of a full rape intention and the case is being handled in Riverside Judicial Courts.

“The way she responded should be used as a model for victims of sexual assault,” Wagner said.

He doesn’t recommend, however, ever confronting an assailant.

“She inflicted enough pain an injury to get him to back away, he’ll think twice before assaulting again,” Wagner said.

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