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High heels and mini-skirts or sweatsuits and jeans

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By Alex Chavez

By Alex Chavez

I went to a high school where fashion statements sometimes seemed more important than actually learning. Girls would come back from summer vacation with a new wardrobe, new hairstyle and sometimes a new designer bag-disregarding what grades they had received in their previous classes.

Ah, the good old days of trying to figure what shirt you haven’t worn in the past three months. A quick solution to this problem would be writing out the outfits worn and listing future potential outfits.  Unfortunately, there was the day of occasionally showing up to school wearing the same shirt, everyone staring and automatically labeling you as “THAT” girl.

Materialism had certainly taken over that particular school and I unfortunately was sucked right into it.

But, I have lived, and I have learned.

What a true relief it is today as a college student not fretting over irrelevant trends! I can wake up 10 minutes before class; throw on a wrinkled old teeshirt and the most worn-in jeans. To me, this is such a nice break. I also am relieved that I can focus on more important issues like politics and world religion. This is very refreshing.

Most students at Riverside Community College work full time and don’t even think about dressing up for they’re eventually going to change in a uniform later in the day for their work day.

Besides, whom are we trying to impress here?

If you came to RCC in order to meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend, my friend, you’re here for the wrong reason.

Dress to make yourself feel happy and not for the sake of impressing others.

What I have noticed about RCC students is they all seem to have either of two goals in mind: transfer or start a career after they each graduate from RCC. Their goal is not wear the latest runway statement.

However, feeling comfortable should be important; you may be sitting in that cold classroom longer that you think.  That does not mean you should have to “dress down” or look sloppy.  It is possible to look cute and still feel comfortable.

“I prefer a simple tank, jeans and sandals as my usual outfit.  It’s all about comfort. I’m not too big on wearing skirts and high heels anymore,” said RCC student Eliana Favela.

“A basic tee and jeans works out great when I go to class. I don’t really stress over what I wear as much as I did in high school,” said RCC student Dominique Landon. Both Favela and Landon agreed that department stores such as Nordstrom’s, Forever 21 and Tilly’s carry casual but cool, comfortable clothing. Each of these department stores, located in local malls, carry range in variety of casual tees and the latest denim.

Prices can of course vary from store to store. 

A simple sweat suit can cost under $30 from Forever 21, where as a terry cloth suit from Nordstrom’s could set you back to almost $130.  Either way, no one can really tell the cost of a sweat suit other than you. Simple sweat outfits can be dressed up by adding accessories such as long, dangling necklaces or earrings like bangles.

For example, Gwen Stefani boldly added heels and jewelry to her simple tracksuit outfit to an event, and she created a “comfy” fashion statement.

Therefore, rather than stressing over wearing that new mini skirt or pair of hot stiletto heels, consider that many women here at RCC prefer dressing casual for class!

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