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The conservative versus liberal battle rages on

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By Sarah Haney

By Sarah Haney

In my two years as a student at RCC, I have enough experience to make the assertion that conservatives are the minority at this college. This premise is based upon personal experience and enables me, and perhaps some readers, to make this claim (who may I remind, are reading the Opinions section). Just walking around campus I notice the occasional anti-Bush chalk art by the A.G. Paul Quadrangle stairs and the anti-Bush fliers in the free-speech area.

As a full-time student, I experience at least one liberal-biased instructor every semester.

When interacting with fellow students, I find the conservative viewpoint to be the minority. Then there is the always expected applause in response to our liberal-bias instructor’s ranting. In one of these classes an instructor gave a survey asking the students how we label ourselves politically.

The results were one anarchist, two communists, six conservatives and 26 liberals. I was not surprised.However, the issue is these liberal-biased instructors are lecturing politics in classes that are unrelated. Not only are they lecturing politics, they are belittling those who disagree. How is this teaching?

Do teachers truly believe this is effective?

I have talked to conservative students in these classes and they admit to me that they pretend to be liberal in exchange for a good grade. They actually write liberal papers and openly agree with the teacher with the hope of a favorable grade.

A liberal-biased instructor does not mean an occasional anti-Bush comment, it means a continuous monologue bashing all conservatives using all the class time. How is labeling conservative students “racists, warmongers, liars, stupid, sexists and evil” challenge them to think differently? How is this doing anything but harm? Why would a instructor do this other than to gratify his own ego? There is no logic found in name calling.

I pay hard earned money to learn the subject matter promised to be taught. When I walk into my Health Science class, I expect to be taught Health Science, not subjected to an endless tirade against the present administration.

I could even handle an occasional ranting if it were infrequent. But when class time instruction is dominated by an instructors political bent, no one benefits. The students never receive the full measure of instruction while the instructor merely relieves his frustrations.

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