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More than just a food court

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By Ashley Keller


By Ashley Keller

Most people hear “Riverside Plaza” and think “food.” However, the retail market is not far behind.

You can find a movie theater almost anywhere nowadays. The Regal Cinemas 16 is conveniently located in the middle of Main Street in the plaza. Pinkheart, located next to the Pickup Stix restaurant, specializes in fashion accessories including makeup, jewelry and prom accessories.

La Vive Jewelry, located next to Coffee Depot, not only sells jewelry but also repairs jewelry on site. Its prize possession is a gold necklace encasing a variety of precious rock. This necklace is one of only four in existence in the world today.

EB Games is called by some a gamer’s paradise. Customer service is held to the utmost importance by EB Games employees. Any customer is given in-depth advice and even a chance to “test drive” select games before making their purchase.

Although there are many great things to do in Riverside Plaza, there is still more to come. Possibley the most anticipated would be Borders Books.

This store offers a wide variety of not only books, but music DVDs, arts and craft sets and magazines as well.

Borders Books is also home to its own cafe conveniently located just inside the building. This makes it possible for customers to enjoy a beverage or snack of their choice while they shop at leisure.

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