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Playoff hopes shattered

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By Nicole Alvarez

By Nicole Alvarez

Despite plenty of individual talent, RCC’s sixth place baseball team is struggling for wins. The No. 5 team, Fullerton is one win ahead of the Tigers. If the Tigers would have won the game on April 21 against Fullerton, they would still have a chance for the playoffs.

Taylor Loop, a red shirt (player who practices with the team but doesn’t play in any games) shows his support by attending several games.

“Our team collectively is struggling, but we are improving each game,” Loop said.

The Tigers have been shut out three times and are five games behind the No.1 team, Santa Ana. Other players like Ernie Muñoz try not to lose hope.

“We have been working very hard this year with one goal, get to the playoffs. A lot of games have not gone our way,” Muñoz said.

RCC was mathematically eliminated April 26 after a 4-3 lose to Cypress, yet many players plan on playing in the future. Debbie Rodriguez, Jason Rodriguez’s mother, said her son has been playing since he was 5 years old. Out of high school he was drafted by the White Sox, but wants to be a P.E. school teacher eventually. “The defense is good, but they are having a hard time hitting,” Debbie Rodriguez said. The Tiger’s defense started out strong against Fullerton April 21. Assisted by Tommy Hanson’s pitching, Fullerton did not score any runs until the top of the third when four errors were committed. The Tigers went on to lose the game 7-2.

It was the following game that put the Tigers out of the playoffs for good.

This is when the hope faded away. RCC faced Cypress and fell short of playoff dreams, 4-3. This is the second consecutive season that RCC’s baseball will not be in the playoffs.

Even though the Tigers have three more games left in the season, there is no hope for a playoff berth.

It just seemed as if the strong program and excellent coaching staff just could not convert this season as they finished 7-11.

With the team batting average at .274 overall, it’s better than most of its opponent’s average at .243. The difference is the Tigers have a few less at bats than their opponents, 1087 to 1078. This means we are playing offense less than we are playing defense.

“We have great things to look forward to, we need to just concentrate in the off season and we will do great,” Muñoz said.

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