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Daffodil Days brings sense of hope

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By Ana Lapite

By Ana Lapite

One day our world will be free of cancer.

This is the American Cancer Society’s message and its formidable promise.

Daffodils, the first flowers of spring, which are symbols of hope and renewal, could be otherwise known as a mascot for the campaign created by the American Cancer Society known as Daffodil Days.

Daffodil Days is one of the American Cancer Society’s oldest and most unique programs. The daffodil campaign began in upstate New York in 1970 and is the most popular fund-raising events ever developed being that daffodils symbolize hope for cancer patients.

The American Cancer Society is a nationwide voluntary community bases and a non-profit health organization dedicated to diminishing suffering by researching ways to prevent cancer and most of all saving lives.

Each year people from organizations and schools support the society by making donations for daffodil floral bouquets and arrangements. People can join in the fight against cancer by purchasing flowers for friends, families, and cancer patients throughout the area. The donations go directly to the fight against cancer and finding a cure.

Daffodil days have brought significant resources to the fight against cancer. Over $176 million has been raised through this source in the last 12 years. School age children to corporate CEOs participate in this special project.

Daffodil Days is a three month promotional campaign with pre-orders taken during January, February, and early March. The arrival and delivery of the daffodils takes place in March, coinciding with the beginning of spring.

“The campaign is dependent upon volunteers in the community,” said Margaret Loeb, Daffodil Days chair for Riverside, Corona, and Norco in the Daffodil Campaign. “The bouquets touch so many people. They bring smiles to the cancer patients, who receive them, and the money raised goes towards cancer research and assisting those same patients with cancer related needs.”

Donations range from $10 for a bunch of 10, $18 for 10 in a Sunshine Cobalt blue vase, $35 for a Vision Bouquet in an artistic glass vase, and $75 for a Friendship Cobalt vase arrangement. People who want to get involved can also give Gifts of Hope which are donations of $25, $50, $75, $100, or any other amount. The Gifts of Hope also allows local Society volunteers to deliver bouquets of daffodils anonymously to cancer patients at medical centers and facilities in Riverside.

Everyone can participate in the nationwide Daffodil Days Program. Visitors may go to the web site http://www.cancer.org./daffodils and click on the search box to find specific aspects of the Daffodil Days program. There is also the option of sending Daffodil Days e-Card to friends and loved ones. Online donations can be sent and e-cards can be created on the web site.

Anyone interested in the fight against cancer can go to http://www.cancer.org or call 951-300-1200 for the American Cancer Society in Riverside.

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