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Yoshino demonstrates dedication

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By Benjamin Kwiecien


By Benjamin Kwiecien

Although Dr. Ron Yoshino has taught at Riverside Community College for many years, few students are aware of his contribution to the student community.

Yoshino, who holds a PhD in American History from Claremont Graduate School, was hired at RCC in 1986.

“It was just one of those things I realized I had a knack for,” said the associate professor as he explained his early decision to choose teaching as a profession.

Yoshino instructs a number of classes on campus, including American history, Military history and Californian history.In addition to teaching history, Yoshino has lead instruction in Honors Colloquium, a team-taught seminar which provides an introduction to the Western humanities that he has taught since 1987.

Yoshino also serves as faculty adviser to Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), RCC’s official honor society where he encourages students to become leaders and make a difference by playing a positive role in the community.

“It pleases me a great deal that the students are able to do something like that,” Yoshino said.

A former community college student himself, Yoshino is very much aware of the academic benefits afforded to his students.

“He recognizes the potential in his students,” said Kathleen Sell, who currently teaches Honors Colloquium with him. “He helps them to recognize the rich intellectual opportunities available to them at RCC.”

As a teacher, Yoshino is chiefly concerned with the welfare of his students and the community as a whole.

“He has a dedication towards his students,” said Sean Price, AGS officer and Web adviser. “He has a kind of selflessness that is rare.”

Yoshino emphasizes respect towards the students in the classroom.

“I think it all starts with a genuine respect for the students,” Yoshino said. “Unless you genuinely respect the students, I don’t think anything constructive is going to happen.”

When asked about his ability to teach, Yoshino acknowledged that he owes it to an ability to communicate effectively and, above all else, experience in teaching that has built up over time, experience that he hopes to continue building upon at RCC in the future.

“I’ve found a home here and I consider myself a lucky man to be surrounded by decent, right-minded, and honorable people,” Yoshino said.

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