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Last walk down the ‘Runway’ for this season

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By Lacy Seinturier

By Lacy Seinturier

There are so many different reality shows now that it’s hard to keep track of all the different themes flying around on television sets.

The fashion industry has even got its own spin on reality TV. “Project Runway” is a new series on the Bravo network, hosted by super model Heidi Klum.

This reality show is about 12 up and coming designers, competing for the top spot as “the next American designer.”

The 12 contestants were picked from thousands of others who auditioned and the selected contestants came from all over the United States.

The show first aired in December and the first season just came to a close at the end of February.

The designers on the show were: Kara Saun, Jay McCarroll, Austin Scarlett, Alexandra Vidal, Wendy Pepper, Kevin John, Mario Cadenas, Daniel Franco, Nora Caliguri, Robert Plotkin, Starr Ilzhoefer and Vanessa Riley.

Each week the designers were assigned a challenge. Some of the challenges included making swimwear elegant enough to wear to a party, redesigning the U.S. Postal Service uniform, and creating a dress fit for Nancy O’Dell to wear to the Grammy’s.

With each episode, which aired once a week on Wednesdays, one designer would be eliminated. Ms. Klum and three other judges determined who would be eliminated.

Michael Kors, a very well known designer, was usually one of them, and two other guest judges also contributed to each decision. Some of the guest judges included Nina Garcia, Nancy O’Dell and Parker Posey.

The designers that made it to the top three had a chance to show an entire collection of clothing in a runway show during Olympus Fashion Week in New York. Kara, Jay and Wendy were the top three. Each showed their collection and in the end Jay McCarroll was the winner.

He won $100,000, a mentoring contract with Banana Republic, and everything else needed to start up his line of clothing. Saun and Pepper came in second and third place, respectively. But even though the show has ended and the winner has been chosen, some of the designers are still very well on their way to starting their own lines, and even opening up their own shops.

Fans of the show can purchase some of the clothing designed by the 12 contestants online and still have a lot to look forward to from their favorite up and coming designers.

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