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Dancing at the crossroads

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By Erin Tobin

Members of Intersect Dance Theatre rehearse for their premiere performance at RCC´s annual World Dance and Music concert

By Erin Tobin

Intersect Dance Theatre started off its new season balancing on a thin line.

Riverside Community College’s newest sponsored performing group performed “Dancing on Strings” for its debut for the college’s Annual World Dance and Music concert. Luckily the dancers didn’t lose their footing.

In Landis Auditorium on Oct. 22 and 23 Intersect united more than just the world of modern dance and classical ballet.

The audience for the performance consisted of a melting of culture. Sweatshirts and jeans mingled with semi-formal attire, dress shirts and slacks.

This varied assortment of people were all there for the same reason, to experience something new to RCC and perhaps the world of dance in general.

They were given an innovative look at dance. While “innovative” is a word that seems to be tossed around a lot, Intersect provided something that the traditional college student has never before been exposed to.

This was not just dancing, but performing. This was dancing without inhibitions. “Dancing on Strings” was creative without being bizarre or shocking, a feat that is rarely accomplished by newly established dance companies.

This was simply the same look at dance through a different pair of glasses.

The piece entitled “Fusion” summed up the concert perfectly. Through the use of simple costumes and lighting the power and strength of modern dance was fused with grace of classic ballet pointe work to create a beautiful blend.

“Dancing on Strings” challenged the minds of its audience without become shocking. It didn’t have to resort to violent movements or harsh music and lights to grab the audience’s attention.

Instead Intersect just questioned the audience’s stereotypical thoughts about dance, as such was the case in “Incommodious Amplitude.” Daniel Kennedy is a big guy and even in a kilt no one would look at him and think “dancer.”

The fact that he doesn’t meet the skinny caricature of the male dancer makes it even more of a surprise when the man dances with seemingly more grace and ability than his little, delicate female partner.

In addition to a fresh look at dance, Intersect managed to keep “Dancing on Strings” twirling at a decent pace. New ideas, concepts and moods were constantly introduced so nothing got repetitive or dull.

Each piece that was performed was as vibrant as the colors and costumes used to portray it.

Just as it seemed that the dancers were wearing the same type of thing: short skirts, uniatards or dance pants, “Wheel of Year” came along andeverything shifted.

The dancers in “Wheel of Year” presented themselves in a refreshed old country fashion. The women wore long skirts of bright but natural colors and the men’s costumes were reminiscent of something from the Renaissance Faire.

In these costumes the dancers presented something that felt like a modernized folk dance.

With theatrical, yet impressive dancing set to “Traditional Medieval Folkmusic” the result was something new that felt like something from an old country a long, long time ago.

“Dancing on Strings” managed to cover the broadness of dance in few hours without feeling rushed or sloppy. The performance portrayed the energy of individuality with the passion of partnering.

In the end Intersect Dance Theatre managed to create something breathtaking for both the dance enthusiast and the everyday curious college student.

Hopefully it will become an asset to RCC and continue to dance along that thin line.

Members of Intersect Dance Theatre rehearse for their premiere performance at RCC´s annual World Dance and Music concert

Members of Intersect Dance Theatre rehearse for their premiere performance at RCC´s annual World Dance and Music concert

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