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It's halftime.

We finally made it to spring break. But as you relax this week, make sure to keep up to date with the latest Viewpoints stories. Look below to read about how the Riverside Community College District Faculty Association resolved a tense dispute with the Human Resources Department.

You'll also see coverage of a discussion between students and administrators about campus reopenings, how communities are rallying for street vendors, our Life editor's take on the action film "Nobody" and what our editorial board has to say about the Derek Chauvin trial.

We encourage you to check out our most recent issue.

Faculty Association, HR reach agreement

The union and district finally settle some issues after weeks of tension

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NEWS: They have been at odds for several weeks. The Faculty Association alleged a "toxic culture" existed in HR for quite some time and reached a point where instructors could not take it anymore.

According to union members, faculty investigations were getting out of control and no longer fell under the purview of Title V and IX violations. The union even considered filing with the Public Employment Relations Board for help obtaining financial documents related to HR and its investigations.

Things changed this past week.

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Students, administrators discuss campus reopening plans

A town hall gave students the opportunity to ask the questions that have been on thier minds since receiving the big news

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NEWS: The announcement for plans to reopen Riverside City College this upcoming fall caught many by surprise. Even members of student government said they had been kept out of the loop and were unable to inform students on what was going on.

Over 70 students took to Zoom for the opportunity to question administrators directly about COVID-19 safety measures, vaccination requirements, the "80-20" plan and more.

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Communities statewide take action for street vendors

Advocates are tired of seeing vendors beaten, robbed and killed

NEWS: The execution-style murder of a Fresno street vendor has prompted activists across California to do whatever they can to protect "eloteros," "paleteros" and all other vendors whose products communities enjoy.

They have been arming vendors with tasers, pepper spray and self-defense practice in hopes that the violence toward them stops.

The advocates have some advice for people eager to do what they can for this vulnerable community.

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MOVIE REVIEW: 'Nobody' dad breaks bad

It's Bob Odenkirk's turn to deliver the beatings

LIFE: You've seen him dragged into the desert by meth cooks, staring death in the eyes with fear written all over his face. You've seen him take punches and kicks his entire career.

But now the loveable lawyer gets to be the one with the gun. Bob Odenkirk breaks into action in the new film "Nobody" and he does it believably.

This movie gives fans both the comedy and action fix they needed after an entire year away from theaters.

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EDITORIAL: Seeing is believing during Chauvin trial

The defense will tell you otherwise

VIEWS: Derek Chauvin knelt on sensitive areas of George Floyd's body for over nine minutes before the unarmed Black man died. The defendant kept a remorseless look on his face the entire time.

The trial has seen Minneapolis police officers, including Chief Medaria Arradondo, testify that Chauvin's use of force was deadly, inappropriate and a violation of the department's policy.

The defense is arguing that you are not seeing what you are clearly seeing. The jurors must believe their eyes and deliver the justice that communities of color have been denied time and time again.

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