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Good morning! This edition of our weekly newsletter will showcase our latest vol. 9 issue

Also, don't forget to check out our first issue of the spring semester.

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Putin's power grab is bad news

(News story) FINAL draft for Russia X Ukraine conflict
By Darlene Dukelow-Burton

After a rambling hour-plus-long pre-recorded speech on television, filled with twisted history and much of Russia’s usual mythical government propaganda, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was beginning a special military operation in Ukraine on Feb. 24.

He never called it for what it was: another Russian invasion and upon a democratic government. Putin declared Ukraine a threat to Russia and ended his speech with a warning to the world if they interfered.

How does a superpower such as Russia come to fear the smaller Ukraine? Ukraine has stood in its way of profiting. They are vulnerable with no nuclear weapons, hold free elections, and their President Volodymyr Zelensky is an exemplary leader. Then, when Ukraine wanted to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Putin forbade it.


Russia X Ukraine secondary image final (PRINT)

Riverside City Community Board of Trustees: Mask Mandate and Booster Shot Reversal

The Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees is now backtracking on its mask and booster mandates in week five of the semester, shortly after California’s indoor mask mandate ended.

The Board voted Jan. 18 to mandate masks and a COVID-19 booster vaccine for students, faculty and classified staff who planned to be on campus this spring.

Many rushed to receive their boosters and upload proof of vaccination to CLEARED4 by the Feb. 1 deadline — less than two weeks before the semester started.

Students were afraid they’d be dropped from courses they enrolled for weeks prior, many had to find an online substitute for the hybrid or in-person courses from which they were dropped and many others struggled to get a booster appointment in the district’s allotted time frame.

The district made students, staff and faculty go through all of that trouble just to end the booster and mask mandate just a few weeks later.



How three Inland Empire artists use their creativity to express themselves

By Julia Goldman

Despite an architect’s day being full of early morning meetings, numerous projects and deadlines, Zoey Valenzuela never ceases to believe art is a prominent part of her identity.

For Valenzuela, architecture is more creative and artistic than people realize. The project’s artistic conception is contingent on an architect’s creative vision.

What began with drawing on school worksheets and sketchbooks instead of playing at recess, transformed into Valenzuela pushing her artistic outlets. The introduction to digital art at an early age was a core inspiration.

Most children, when learning art, follow a linear path full of developmental stages, with early childhood filled with encouragement of art. It’s at the age of 9 or 10 that most children are faced with what’s referred to as the “drawing crisis.”


_DSC2312 - Swimmer - RCC

Swimming and Diving team shows potential in RCC Invitational

By Mya Castro

Riverside City College women’s swim and dive team fell short of first place at the RCC Invitational and took second overall while the men’s team placed sixth.
Orange Coast College beat the Tigers by just 43 points. RCC top swimmers Valerie Juarez, Loren Loffelmacher and Pilar Lara helped the team accumulate a total of 863 points in the meet.

Coach Doug Finfrock is looking forward to seeing the team win as the team progresses through the season.

“The girls have been swimming strong, we’ve won a few meets and their times are getting better,” Finfrock said. “I like where we’re at and I think we have the potential to have a successful season.”

Loffelmacher placed first in two of four events during the meet this past weekend. She was able to accumulate 69 points for the team and plans on working harder the rest of the season to see more successful meets.
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