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Title 9 Allegations


Riverside City College basketball team makes statement during last regular home game

By Jennipher Vasquez and Daesha Gear

This story is a continuation of recent title IX allegations.

Women from the Riverside City College basketball team were restricted from an individual one-on-one interview with Viewpoints surrounding Title IX allegations.

Desiree Jackson, RCC women’s basketball assistant coach, oversaw the entirety of the interview after the team’s final home game on Feb. 24.

They recently called for equal treatment as women athletes in a video posted on Twitter earlier this month.

OEC Invitational


Track team shows signs of growth, get first look at conference competition at OEC Invitational

By Daniel Hernandez

Track and field athletes placed personal bests and got a first look at their conference competitors when they hosted the OEC Invitational.

The invitational closed with a dominant showcase from the men and women’s 1600-relay teams.

The men’s team added Novye James and Darius Hill to the relay team, an unlikely pair since both were out of their element as jump specialists. It turned out to be the right decision. The two held their own and the relay team shaved 3 seconds off its personal record (PR).

The women’s team also made two changes to the lineup which led to a new PR of 4:03.30.

GI Bill Updates


Important updates to Post 9/11 GI Bill for veteran students

By William L.G. Stephens

Serving your country is challenging to say the least. Yet, returning to civilian life afterwards for some can prove just as hard.

The harsh reality is personal sacrifices are on a different measuring scale than job experience. For those who have spent the majority of their time in the military, they are limited to what jobs or careers they can obtain once they are out.

This is why furthering your education will open up more opportunities for your future.


RS Cover Art

Rerun Shuffle 16: ‘Friends’ 01×02 — “The One With the Sonogram at the End”

Episode description

Tim and Leo are the ones who are over Ross and Rachel. Our co-hosts revisit “Friends” and take a look at it with a particularly critical lens. Listen in to find out if “The One With the Sonogram at the End” holds up today.

Content/Trigger warning: Lesbophobia, fatphobia/fat shaming
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