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School is almost in session!

The start of in-person education at Riverside City College begins tomorrow but with some new rules. The Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees enacted a vaccine and mask mandate in order to attend class on campus. While some students are excited to finally return after three semesters of distance education, other students are expressing their opposition to this decision. You can read all about the mandate and the students reactions within this newsletter.

You can also read about two former RCC students turned plant shop owners and about how Viewpoints is celebrating its 100th volume with a look into the program's history.

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RCCD implements vaccine and mask mandate

To attend any of the district campuses, RCCD is requiring all students, classified staff and faculty to provide proof of vaccination

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NEWS: Partially vaccinated students will need to take weekly COVID-19 tests, with proof of a negative result, before being able to access all facilities.

It also requires the use of masks both indoors and outdoors and social distancing practices with exemptions to those who are alone, eating and drinking or when wearing a face covering creates a hazard during instructional activities.

Unvaccinated students will only be able to enroll in online classes and can only access online support services.

Click here to continue reading about the district's mandate.

Former RCC students turn passion into profit

Meraki Plants is a thriving female-owned plant shop located in Downtown Riverside

LIFE: Their seemingly overnight success happened almost one year ago via social media, community outreach, and practical insight learned through their time at the college.

Using their knowledge and passion for plants, they began an educational platform through Instagram that peaked in the explosion of new plant parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leon and Ramos’ intentions at RCC were not necessarily to pursue business or this specific entrepreneurial venture. However, the ladies accredited their leap of faith to the opportunities the community college granted them.

Click here to learn more about Meraki Plant's owners.

Students dissatisfied with Trustees' decision

Many protest new resolution and others call for the Board to reconsider

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News:“I haven’t learned anything while being online,” she said. “I do not think it’s fair to even have unvaccinated students taking online courses when (for) most of the courses you need to go into labs. I’m not going to be doing all of this online again.”

Others who agree with Danial have generated speculation behind COVID-19 and the intentions behind the mask and vaccine mandate.

Frustrated students decided to voice their opinions on social media, which led to a group named Students Against Tyranny to plan a protest outside of Riverside City College Aug. 16.

Click here to continue reading about students' opposition.

Viewpoints celebrates its 100th volume

Journalism at RCC is almost as old as the college itself and Viewpoints takes a look back at our program's esteemed history

LIFE: During this time period, there still was not an official college newspaper. However, students were provided a column in the Press Enterprise aptly named Junior College Notes. Student journalists like Florence Stone, Dorothy Dunbar and Robert Patton were regular contributors to this column.

In 1922, another student-run publication named XYZ was started. However, this publication ran bi-weekly instead of annually and thus created RCC’s first newspaper.

However, later that same year, the publication changed its name to Jay See and then once again to The Junior Colleger in the fall of 1923.

Click here to read all about our program's beginning.
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