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Happy Mother's Day!

Before you show your mom some love and appreciation today, check out some stories from our previous issue this morning. The following stories include an update on Riverside crime statistics, a protest photographer's experience on the front lines, a review on the newest adaptation of 'Mortal Kombat' and an opinion piece on what's going on at the southern border.

Our second-to-last issue of the semester will drop later this week. But in the meantime, check out our most recent issue.

Riverside police chief provides city crime stats

The chief also discussed the department's Early Warning System, but public commenters were skeptical of its implementation

NEWS: Riverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez gave an overview of the city's crime statistics over the last five years. Although crime has decreased overall, murder in the city has more than doubled since 2015. A crime map indicated hotspots were located downtown, in the Eastside and the area around the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Tyler Street.

Gonzalez also discussed the department's Early Warning System, which keeps track of officers' incidents of use of force and other events that might be of concern. Currently, it takes four incidents for an officer to land in the system.

Some members of the public said questioned why the threshold is not lowered to two incidents.

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PROFILE: Shots from the front lines

A protest photographer details his experience covering Southern California social and political movements

LIFE: Joey Scott began showing up to demonstrations after the murder of George Floyd last May. But after he was let go from his job as a sales manager for a floor covering company in October, he decided to document protests full-time.

Scott, 31, a Los Angeles-based photographer, has covered over 50 protests during the past year. He was there when police began arresting journalists during an Echo Park protest March 25 over the city's intent to clear homeless encampments. He has been there for massive marches in Downtown LA and smaller, more intimate marches in cities like Riverside.

Although he has been through some frightening moments, he has also been through some inspirational ones.

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MOVIE REVIEW: 'Mortal Kombat' satisfies your thirst for blood

This adaptation proves it isn't that hard to turn a classic video game into a movie

LIFE: It doesn't take a rocket scientist. And although it may not achieve the reverence that the video game it is adapted from holds, this film shows that video games can be turned into decent movies.

While the plot is a bit of a mess, the fight scenes will quench your thirst for blood and violence in a way that only a horror movie could.

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Opinion: Immigrants, refugees deserve kindness

Many Americans might mistakenly think this country has no involvement in migrants' journeys to our southern border

OPINION: Yes, migrants have flooded our southern border. Many are sending their children across the line in hopes that, even alone, they will have better chances at life than they would in their home countries. Parents have been called irresponsible for putting their children through such a treacherous journey.

But these parents feel a desperation that Americans cannot fathom.

How did it come to this? Take a look at the history of American meddling in Latin America.

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