Food Review: Where’s the Beef?

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By Angel Peña
Image Courtesy of Canstockphotos

In-n-out #1

Consistency is something to expect when visiting any In-n-Out location. At a glance their menu is simple, only 3 burger options, soft drinks, shakes and fries. Although simple, this menu attracts customers from all over the country. The location on 7467 Indiana Ave here in Riverside is no exception to these characteristics. None of the other burgers on this list can beat In-n-outs prices. For just over $7, they serve the essence of Southern California embodied in a meal. A “Double-Double”, fries, and a soft drink is a combination recognized by almost everyone. For the burger enthusiast exists In-n-Out’s infamous “secret menu”, where classic burgers and dreams collide.

Editor’s order: 4×4 mustard fried with pickles, raw and grilled onions, sliced chillies and extra spread with a side of fries with spread and sliced chillies.

Slater’s 50/50 #2

The epitome of gourmet burgers has just arrived in Riverside with a new Slater’s 50/50 being built on the corner of University Avenue and Market Street. With the price of their burger titled “The Best Damn Bacon Cheeseburger” coming in at just over $13, it is well worth it considering the flavor explosion that is experienced with every bite. Starting with Angus Beef, thick cut bacon, cheese, and the works, this is the older more refined brother of In-n-Outs famous “Double-Double”. Slater’s 50/50 never disappoints, their unique take on the classic and humble cheeseburger will be the center of any food enthusiasts conversation.

Editor’s order: “The Best Damn Bacon Cheeseburger” with the works, sweet potato fries and bacon ketchup.

The Habit Burger Grill #3

“Breaking the habit” should be the name of this restaurant. Their burgers are picture perfect every time, what you see on the menu is what you get. Nestled between two perfectly toasted buns lies two patties, bacon, cheese, and the works, all working together to give you an almost perfect burger experience. Next to this masterpiece are golden and perfectly crisp french fries. There are two things that can be counted on, that the sun will rise tomorrow and that the fries will be perfect every time a customer orders them.

Editor’s order: Double bacon cheeseburgers with the works and a side of fries with malt vinegar.

Mission Burger #4

Tucked in a corner on 4606 Pine St in Riverside , it is easy to overlook Mission Burger. When entering the customer is greeted by the same friendly staff every time. This is another one of those restaurants where you can always count on a great burger. Coming in at just under $10 this burger is well worth the price. The size of this sandwich is almost sharable. However once a customer tries it they are not going to let anyone get a bite, they are that good.

Editor’s order: Bacon avocado cheeseburger with extra spread and a side of fries.

Johnny’s Burgers #5

Finding a classic cheeseburger is more difficult than it seems. Some burgers have too much going on and others have too little to offer. At Johnny’s Burgers they created a burger with the perfect balance between size, taste and price to offer to their customers. For $10 a customer can get a grilled to perfection cheeseburger with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions alongside a heaping portion of french fries that do not disappoint. The burgers served here taste homemade and they might actually be better than your mom’s. Located on 4825 La Sierra Avenue, Johnny’s Burgers is just a short trip away to satisfy anybodies burger cravings.

Editor’s Order: Double Cheeseburger with the works and a side of fries.

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