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Viewpoints student receives award

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By Samantha Bartholomew

At the Nov. 13 Board of Trustees meeting, Viewpoints student Imari Rede was honored with an award for aiding fellow student Nick Peralta after he collapsed on campus Oct. 9.

Believing that emergency services would not be able to get to Peralta with the since-removed road barriers blocking Terracina Avenue and Mine Okubo Avenue, Rede rushed to remove the 195 pound barricades on her own.

“Because of Imari’s selfless and courageous actions, the EMT truck was able to get to the journalism building without delay to give medical assistance to a student in distress,” Viewpoints adviser Allan Lovelace said. “And so we honor Imari Rede today for making the right decision and for her impressive determination to not allow anything to get in the way of helping another student.”

“I’m proud to be a part of the Viewpoints team,” Rede said. “I wouldn’t have chosen any other people to fight against time with.”

Peralta was present at the meeting and said he was proud of Rede’s efforts.

“I’m happy that the school was able to recognize what she did for me,” Peralta said. “She’s an all around fantastic person and she’s clearly proven that.”

Rede will receive a second award at the Students of Distinction ceremony in the spring semester.

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