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Local librarian hosts adult coloring event

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By Adriana Lopez
Chelsea Buchanan | Viewpoints

Mental health has been a central topic on the Riverside City College campus in recent years, part of that discussion being the importance of having a healthy outlet.

While there are programs on campus that focus on the mental health of students, outside of RCC there are strides being made to ensure that adults have a way to express themselves.

Gloria Brison, librarian, saw a need for adults to have a quiet space that allows the opportunity to create, and organized Adult Coloring.

Brison has worked at the SPC Jesus S. Duran Eastside Library for five years and took her passion for coloring to create an event that can benefit others.

“I like coloring and I do it sometimes on a break and when I get home at night. It relaxes me, so we started Adult Coloring,” Brison said.

Adult Coloring is as easy going as it sounds. A small table is set up with a tub of crayons, color pencils and markers. Across the table are coloring pages and plain paper for guests to freely color on.

Brison was largely inspired to organize Adult Coloring because she believes it can improve one’s state of mind.

“Coloring can de-escalate the mind, so you stop thinking about all the stuff that’s going on and

just focus on what you’re doing in that moment,” she said.

Brison has seen the effects of the atmosphere she sets up in the library in the peacefulness of  those that participate.

“We have a gentleman that comes in and he just draws lines and that’s how he relaxes,” she said.

With Adult Coloring being open to the public, it is a no-talent-necessary event. “There’s no rules. You can do whatever you want and what you feel,” she said.

Brison encourages people to attend the event not only for the coloring, but to explore what more the library has to offer, “we have books, we have movies, we have all kinds of things. Grab a calendar when you’re here, we have many programs that are open to the public,” Brison said.

While the event started at the Eastside Library, other libraries in the Riverside county also host Adult Coloring.

Brison also encourages people to look into what programs other libraries in Riverside have to offer. “Each branch comes up with different activities and each branch is responsible to put it on the community calendar. So we can submit any of our activities on the community calendar,” she said.

To find more information on Adult Coloring and other events in Riverside go to riversideca.gov/calendar.

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