Back-to-School tips

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By Karissa Martinez
  • The Resource Center on campus provides items such as snacks, toiletries, clothes, Scantrons and feminine hygiene products to students free of charge. The only requirement is that you sign in with your registered Riverside City College ID number.
  • Student Health and Psychological services (SHPS) provides testing, immunizations, over-the-counter medications, physical examinations and more at a small price. Low-income students can qualify to get these for free through Family Planning Access Care Treatment (PACT).
  • Condoms, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) testing and other family planning materials can be found at SHPS, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • SHPS provides free one-on-one counseling and wellness workshops with a mental health professional to registered students. 
  • Physical exams for RCCD program requirements are available at SHPS for $25.
  • To save money bring food from home. There are microwaves and utensils available outside of the cafeteria in the Bradshaw building.
  • Remember to always have a reusable water bottle to keep your mind and body hydrated.
  • The Digital Library has plenty of computer access along with the ability to print. To print it costs 10 cents per black and white page and 50 cents per color page.
  • If you are looking to print less than ten pages, free printing is available in the Student Resource Center in the Bradshaw building.
  • Use Google Docs. It is a part of the Google Drive application. You can access your work from any device as long as it has internet access. This can also be very convenient when you need to share files.
  • Make sure you’re not taking classes you don’t need to! Access MyPortal through the RCC website to see what requirements you need to complete.
  • Hate it when your phone dies and you forgot your charger? The Digital Library has free charging stations for your phone and devices.
  • Although it could have a stronger signal, our campus offers free wifi that can be accessed by using your  student email address and personal password.
  • If you have an RCC ID card it can be used as a bus pass. Never get left behind, just swipe and ride.
  • Join a club! Club rush will be held on the upper campus by the A.G. Paul Quadrangle within the first few weeks of school. Make your college experience worthwhile and get involved!
  • Buy a notebook style planner if you work better with writing things down. Use a planner on your phone or a digital calendar that can send reminders that will keep you prepared for anything.
  • Stay organized by having a folder for each class.
  • Don’t get rid of your work because you will need it to study later.
  • Balance your schedule by dedicating yourself to specific necessities like sleeping, eating and studying. Don’t let your daily gaps between classes slow you down. There are study places through out the campus that are here for your use.
  • Wait until the first day of class to purchase your books because some teachers have their own ways of helping their students save money.

  • Textbooks are available to rent or purchase in the book store along with all of your other school supply needs.

  • Only write in pencil and yellow highlighter in your rented books and other rented materials.

  • If you have assignments that are due within the first week with no access to the book, use the class copy that should be on hold in the Digital Library.

  • A lot of people buy and hoard their books. If a friend of yours or anyone you might know has the book you need for a class work a deal out, older editions are usually  perfectly fine to use.

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