Opinion: Mike Pence is a looming threat

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By Emma Carlsen
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Illustration by Rocio Macias

In the whirlwind of President Donald Trump’s administration, Vice President Mike Pence has faded into the background.

As Trump moves toward his ultimate demise, people must carefully judge the man that may soon take his place.

If Pence became president, he would most likely pursue backward policies that unfairly target women and members of the LGBT community. This backsliding of civil rights would fuel harmful discrimination against these groups in the United States.

The fear of a Pence presidency stems from his ability to implement the fringe policies he promotes. If Pence were to become president, he could create long lasting damage to America.

Given his support of Trump’s sexism, racism, xenophobia and endless lies, it’s clear that Pence does not hold Christian values close to heart.

By tolerating such hatred while spreading more of his own, Pence has shown the world his true ugly colors.  His indifference to intolerance goes against the religious morals he claims to value.

Pence has repeatedly described himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican,” according to Religious News Service.

He has called some of Trump’s blatant lies and insensitive tweets “refreshing.” His history of conservative extremism and political competence makes Pence more dangerous than Trump.

Pence is a sexist and homophobic supporter of electro shock therapy.

He has an affinity for Focus on the Family, a Christian group that promotes anti LGBT sentiments. According to “Talking to Your Children About Transgender Issues,” an article from the organization’s website, they believe no one can “change from one sex to another.”

As vice president, at a 2017 event in Colorado to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of this organization, Pence praised the founder as “a friend and a mentor to me.”

Pence also helped pass legislation in 2015 that allowed for legal discrimination against same-sex marriages. During his term as the governor of Indiana, Pence signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

According to The Washington Post, the bill was infamous for its initial version, which critics noted allowed for legal discrimination against members of the LGBT community.

Pence advocated for the Federal Marriage Amendment several times, as reported by Indystar.

The proposed constitutional amendment would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. America cannot afford to regress on the issue of LGBT civil rights. LGBT youth are highly disenfranchised and are 120 percent more likely to become homeless in comparison to the main American population, according to a study from University of Chicago.

To see Pence as president would be a slap in the face to this already underserved community.

In 2011, as Pence served in Congress, he sponsored the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, a bill intended to “restrict family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions,” according to GovTrack.

Thankfully this bill was not introduced into law. However, Pence’s track record of  legislation he has supported is telling for what his agenda would be as president.

In 2016, Pence signed House Bill 1337, a bill that bans “abortions sought because a fetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome or another disability … or based on the gender or race of a fetus,” as reported by Indystar.

This behavior of trying to stop abortion violates the constitutional right of women to receive this medical procedure and is an attempt to oppress them.

The mentality toward women by this current administration is horrendous. While Trump’s rein is absolutely abhorrent to witness, Pence’s rise to power is terrifying.

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