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Advice Column: Don’t be a baby, go get your finances in check

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By Jayy Mireles

Are you not to be trusted with money? Is “saving” a word left out of your vocabulary?

Stop eating out! That is one of the main issues us college students have, we go for the easier route.

Honestly, it is so much cheaper just to make your own food and portion it for three days and take it for lunch. Just go home and eat, wait it out and save that cheddar.

Do you not know how to stop buying? Are sales your “thing”?

So you’re an impulse shopper. There’s two things you can do. First, think about the things that are more important that you’re shopping for and pretend it’s not there.

Secondly, tell yourself you don’t have enough money, even if you do. You probably can’t afford those shoes right now. Later you’ll need that money for something more important. Sales are often a trick.

Just because you’re saving $3 doesn’t mean that you need that shiny new item. Re-evaluate your needs and stay true to your bank account.

Gas is something that we all think of. Are you planning a road trip, but you really shouldn’t be?

Gas is a tricky subject because it’s a staple, especially living in Southern California.

There are apps that you can download on your phone that will tell you the gas stations close to you and will give you a list of their prices so you can find the cheapest one closest to you. Google Maps has a feature that does that too.

Limit yourself and coordinate driving with your friends when going out. Have everyone chip in for gas, or take turns.

Don’t drive out of your way for reasons that are not really justified, you know what you need to do.

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