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Opinion: Stephen Miller threatens the future of DACA

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By Leslie Santibanez

The future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is in danger.
President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller is threatening the future of DACA.
Miller is a sociopath determined to push his anti immigration agenda. He has no regard for the people he has to run over in order to fulfill his desire of a stronger immigration system.
He is the classic movie villain. He is tall, bald and has no remorse towards others. He just needs a villainous speech. But the man barely utters a word.
Instead, his eyes speak more volumes about who he is. His eyes are lifeless and reflect a disturbing lack of compassion.
It is hard to believe he is even human.
With a six month window and Miller as a major influence to Trump, I doubt there will be any progress in negotiating a new DACA deal.
There just isn’t enough time to resolve this issue. DACA negotiations will remain in a stalemate as long as Miller continues to manipulate Trump.
According to the BBC, Miller wants funding for the wall and a harsh crackdown on immigration in exchange of DACA.
This means DACA recipients parents will be at a higher risk of deportation under Miller’s agenda.
Buzzfeed reports both Democrats and Republicans state that Trump has repeatedly said he wants to help DACA recipients, but Miller is, “poisoning its prospects.”
Trump is his puppet. He is a man of no will with no thoughts of his own that is easily controlled.
“We don’t have a President Trump problem, we have a Stephen Miller problem,” said The Latino Republicans.
Miller is the mastermind behind Trump, pulling the strings of the freak show.
Recently, reports of Miller’s contempt towards Latinos have surfaced.
What can only be described as a sense of familiarity washes over Miller’s former classmates each time Trump speaks. They know Miller is behind the toxic words he spews.
“Even when Trump reads these statements, I know that’s Stephen,” former classmate Nick Silverman told Business Insider.
Miller’s toxicity follows him everywhere he goes.
Jason Islas, a middle school classmate of Miller told The New York Times, Miller had announced they would no longer be friends.
“He mentioned my Latino heritage as one of the reasons,” Islas said.
First, the threat was White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.
Now it’s Stephen Miller.
DACA recipients are now the pawns in Miller’s political game. They are the leverage in his villainous master plan.
Miller’s prejudice against Latinos is evident in his support of the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act.
If this act had not been opposed by both political parties and instead implemented, it would have eliminated programs that hand out green cards to working class immigrants.
The RAISE act would, “prioritize immigrants who speak English, can financially support themselves, and have demonstrated skills that could benefit the economy.”
This is code for white immigrants only.
This is the act both Miller and Bannon supported.
I can’t believe a man of Jewish descent can’t see the irony of his actions. More than half a century ago, Jewish people were the scapegoats for the problems Germany faced.
Now Latinos are the targets of people’s prejudices.
If Miller’s anti-Latino agenda becomes a reality, it will harm thousands of DACA recipients.

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