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Campus view: How do you feel about the 2016 Election results?

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How do you feel about the 2016 Election results?

“I think in regards to the state propositions, which is what I was more concerned about, I think a lot of good things have passed. For example, prop 55 has passed and that’s something that really helps our community colleges. I was more looking forward to that as opposed to the presidential race.” -Adam Molina

“In my point of view, each candidate at the end of the day no matter what they say, their racial perspectives, their views different issues, it doesn’t really matter whatever they say (it) can’t be done right away.” -Alex Diaz

“The results just made me really angry at half the country. I can’t believe what happened and I’m just really scared at what’s gonna happen in the future. And right now it’s just really terrifying.” -Dylan Mullins

“It caught me off guard. I really thought that Hillary was gonna win. I try to find the best in people and I hope Trump does something good and he just ran his campaign dirty and his presidency isn’t gonna be like that. Probably won’t, but I think it’s possible.” -Nancy Lomeli

”I feel pretty bad about it. I feel the people who voted made the wrong decision. They are taking the votes as a joke, because they voted for a diseased animal. I just felt that those are the people to blame if anyone feels that Trump shouldn’t be president.” -Tyler Tropet

“I was actually shocked, devastated, and I had a headache all day yesterday. I just couldn’t really believe the results. I’m in shock because what does this say about the nation? I just could not believe Donald Trump won. I was disappointed, I really was.” –Viviana Arroyo

“It’s kinda a similar situation with England and Brexit. It’s a “last hurrah” of a dying generation, too much progression too quickly for them so they wanted to pull back in so that’s the result. There are a lot of Bernie or Bust people who were not about Hillary and so they are willing to not vote for her.” -Anthoneal Davis

“I think it’s really sad and heartbreaking to see everyone so fearful and depressed. And the people who are just, ‘Oh yeah! He’s president! Not everyone is racist and white and blah blah.’ But it’s the other half of the world is just terrified about it It’s sad.” -Lindsay Banks


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