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The article posted in VOL. XCV No.3 Page 6 titled Planned Parenthood Funding Comes Under Fire, is a clear and intentional attempt by the author Brooke Cary to manipulate information and deceive the readership of Viewpoints. Her anecdote derived and factless arguments underline an intentional misuse of partial quotations to serve and support a clearly right-wing view of what should be a non-partisan issue: women’s rights, and their bodies.

Future articles need to contain more research and empirical based data to support such bold claims: “People should know that Planned parenthood cannot be trusted with performing ‘safe’ abortions” other than a logical fallacy of “confusing association with causation.”

Such clever use of subterfuge can be directly grasped from Cary’s article: “the forensic analysis and cyber-security company has revealed that the videos are indeed unaltered…” This is a logical fallacy known as “Argument from Authority” as well as a “Non-Sequitur,” thus the argument made is invalid.

Cecile Richards (PPA CEO) also addresses the issue of mammograms and the lack of PPA’s involvement. it is in truth a “Begging The Question” logical fallacy, of course PPA does not give its patients mammograms, they use outside contractors.

The fact of the matter is, the only person which has the right to make decisions about a woman’s  body, is that woman herself, No one else. Give her the facts, and she will make an informed decision, do not lie to her as Brooke Cary does.

Politico.com provides a full unaltered video.


Nathan Allen Meisenbach

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