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RCC art gallery gets surreal

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Published: Mar. 12, 2015 | Posted: March 12, 2015 | Written by Edward Blodgett
Frame Art: The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm art exhibit opens receptions March 5 at Riverside City College in the Quad Gallery. Attendees have many different arts to look at from four different artists Claudia Bucher, Maryrose Crook, Georganne Deen and Jacobine van der Meer. (Luis Solis | Viewpoints)

Since opening its doors in 2008 with the newly remodeled Quadrangle, the Quad Art Gallery has hosted numerous exhibits that have been both thought-provoking and visually pleasing.

To say the current exhibit on display at the Quad Gallery fits into this category is a drastic understatement.

The exhibit, The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm, features the work of four artists from different walks of life.

Claudia Bucher is a sculptor from the Los Angeles area.

Maryrose Crook is a painter from New Zealand.

Jacobine van der Meer is a painter and sculptor originally hailing from the Netherlands.

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the curator of the exhibit Georganne Deen who lives and works in Yucca Valley, Calif.

“I thought it came out amazingly well.” Deen said. “I am very critical, in fact harsh but it came out really well and I couldn’t exactly tell you why but they all just rose to the occasion.”

Riverside City College student, Santos Pereyra, described some of his favorite pieces of the exhibit and called many of them “perfect”.

Pereyra went on to describe one particular canvas painting named “I’ve been Looking for the Way Back” by Maryrose Crook as “Uplifting, Spiritual, and Embracing”.

When asked about what he thought of the exhibit overall he was quick to say “Amazing, I love it”.

There are several mediums used in the exhibit ranging from oil paint on canvas to wooden sculptures but they all have one thing in common; they will get your attention and make you think.

Wolde-Ab Isaac, who serves as RCC’s interim president.

An example of this is a piece by Claudia Bucher,“Terrmotilla,” a remarkable ten foot tall wooden sculpture with a mask that feels like it’s crawling into the room from a nearby window.

Deen also talked about her inspiration of a painting she did called “If I Wanted Forgiveness, I’d Ask.”.

“Sometimes something just comes through you like your mind is relaxed and you’re not trying to force a decision… once you know, you are not in control of it. If I’m lucky and I’m open it’ll just come through me,” Deen said.

The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm art exhibit is currently on display in the Quad Gallery located in room 140 of the A.G. Paul Quadrangle and will run through April 10.

The buzz surrounding the exhibit is already immense and if the response at the reception is any indicator, this will be one exhibit to remember for a very long time.

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