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RCC strikes back

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Oct. 2, 2014

Daniel Pena | Staff Writer

The Riverside City College women’s volleyball team showed that they were a team even if 10 of those players were not on the court, as the “bench” cheered loudly and pushed their teammates to win at one of their greatest comebacks of the season so far.

The Tigers (3-6) were down in a 2-0 set, needing to win the next three games to beat the Cerritos Falcons (3-5).

RCC loss by a score of 25-19 in both sets and needed to pull off a win in the third set to stay in the game.

Monica Hayes-Trainer, RCC head coach, reaction to the first two sets: “I was surprised that we didn’t turn it on full force, so I continued to make subtle changes to the line-up, searching for the best chemistry and composition on the court.”

On the third set both teams was tied 6-6, but the Falcons offense was struggling as they committed eight attack errors while the Tigers kept scoring points and won the third set by a score of 25-18.

The fourth set was not much different from the third set as both teams were tied 12-12, but once again the Falcons offense struggled as they committed six attack errors and the RCC women’s volleyball team roared back winning the fourth set 25-22.

The final set match was once again in the Tigers favor with both teams tied 6-6 as the Falcons made six more attack errors giving the Tigers a chance to increase their lead to 12-6 and finishing it off with a score of 15-11 beating the Falcons.

“I couldn’t stop smiling, I was very proud of them, some new players really picked up their game and took us through that third set continuing to finish on the fifth set,” said Hayes-Trainer.

Although RCC started slow what made them speed up their game was not the errors made by the Falcons or the Tigers offense, it was the Tigers’ bench.

“We are definitely a team of 16! Our left side and right side players made many points on their attacks and blocks and the reduction of errors gave us the edge against a talented Cerritos team,” Hayes-Trainer said.

This is their first win coming down from a 2-0 set since 2012.

The Tigers next game will be against Irvine Valley Oct. 8

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