Foster the People deliver long-awaited new album

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Patty Nunez-Mejia

Assistant a&e editor

After three long years, the patient fanbase of alternative rock band Foster the People can now enjoy the bands new harmonious album, “Super Model.”

The trio announced earlier in January, that they would be releasing a new album this year.

Columbia Records released “Super Model” March 18.

The Los Angeles based band was formed in 2009, made up by Mark Foster, Cubbie Fink, and Mark Pontius.

The band went viral in 2010 with their hit “Pumped Up Kicks,” which ultimately led them to fame and a record deal.

The assiduous new album offers an electric, psychedelic and dance-inspiring sound, packed with compelling and engaging lyrics.

“Coming of Age,” the band’s newest hit single, along with its new music video, included a collaboration to create a mural on the streets of Los Angeles.

The mural is also the band’s alluring cover art painted over a large building.

According to Foster, the band wanted to match the cover art with the title of the album.

“It was really important for us to have the art work be a counter balance to that word,” said Foster on the band’s YouTube channel.

“It was really important to us to create a piece of art that redefined what that word meant.”

Now the bold artwork that dresses the city of angels is a woman vomiting a poem as the media photographs her.

The “Coming of Age” music video is a time-lapse of the creation of the mural.

The themes discussed in “Super Model” have matured in comparison to “Torches,” their first and only other album.

“I kept traveling. It started in India, ended in Morocco. That trip to me was the catalyst for a lot of the concepts…that ended up becoming on the record lyrically. It sent me on a different path, I went through a ton of changes and reflection internally,” Foster stated, on the making of “Super Model,” on the band’s YouTube channel.

Foster discussed how he got perspective in the making of this album, his travels and what this album is essentially about.

“It is kind of about the gray area. The in-between the black and white extremes of Los Angeles and the rest of this world.”

30-year-old Mark Foster enchants us with this stunning musical creation, and the incredible artwork to please Los Angeles, making Foster the People one of the truly artistic and impacting musical acts in the modern music industry.

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