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In remembrance: Professor Melchoire ‘Mel’ Tomaselli

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February saw the final farewells of some past instructors of RCC. Professor Emeritus Melchoire “Mel” Tomaselli passed away early on Feb. 18 in Riverside.

He was the former dean of cosmetology at RCC. For 13 long years he worked with dedication before he retired in the year 1993.

He was born Sept. 14, 1934 in Brooklyn, New York, Tomaselli was 79 when he passed and is survived by his wife Nancy, sons and grandchildren.

His career spanned more than 25 years, beginning as a dental technician in the Army during the Korean War. He moved on to become an instructor of cosmetology at Citrus Community College for 12 years, and later as a dean of cosmetology at RCC.

Some past news clips about Tomaselli provide insight to his character and contribution.

In the clips, he had said he believed himself to be a non-autocratic leader for his students, friendly yet firm when required. He took over as dean of cosmetology from Irimy Tilton in early August 1980.

Tomaselli worked at salons in Washington, D.C. and Miami in the beginning of his career.

His funeral service was held March 3 at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

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