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Coaching staff makes news

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Tom Craft signs a new two-year extension to remain the head football coach at Riverside City College, which became official at the Jan. 21 board of trustees’ meeting.

Craft was in the final month of his previous two-year extension when he signed the new deal.

“I intend to be here as long as I stay healthy,” Craft said. “I feel really good.”

Craft’s new deal is worth $114,221 over the next two years. The final day of the deal is Jan. 26, 2016.

“I really enjoy the situation here,” Craft added.

“We have a great area to recruit from and we are predominantly local. We want to keep that tone.”

The announcement of Craft’s extension came three days after Texas Tech University announced the hire of Darrin Chiaverini, as the new special teams coordinator. The hire makes him the first full-time special teams coordinator to be hired at the university since 2009.

Chiaverini was the recruiting coordinator at RCC for the last four seasons under Craft.

Since 2011, RCC had sent a total of 42 football players to Division-1 programs.

Among the 42 players, Will Smith, SaDale Foster, and Bruce Jones have attended Texas Tech after time at RCC.

Craft and Chiaverini led the Tigers to a 40-5 record and three conference championships.

James Kuk will take over Chiaverini’s duties.

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