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‘Comikaze’ blows über-fans away

Photo by Rafaeal RIos

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“Excelsior!” the crowd replies to comic book legend Stan Lee’s catch phrase, as he speaks to all super hero enthusiasts.

Stan Lee’s “Comikaze” attracted thousands of comic book and sci-fi fans, which ran from Nov. 1-3, for the conventions third year.

Coming a long way since it’s first year, the pop-culture convention has greatly increased in popularity.

Perhaps “Comikaze” being the only convention owned and operated by a pop-culture icon has helped increase its fan base.

Not only being owned and operated by Stan Lee, but his presence there was greatly felt by all fans, making them feel welcomed and surrounded by people who truley love comic books.

Stan Lee’s “Comikaze 2013” held special guests, reunions and exhibited great work from indie writers and artists.

Some of the special guest included; Edward James Olmos (“Battlestar Galactica”), Bruce Campbell (“Evil Dead “Trilogy), and of course, the comic book legend himself, Stan Lee, who sat for hours while fans waited in line to receive pictures and autographs.

Many fans attending the show participated in cosplay, which involves die-hard fans dressing up as their favorite characters from comic books, movies, television and more.

There were many costumes that looked really fragile and very detailed, but almot everyone partaking were more than happy to take pictures and show off their dedicated work.

But what is a convention without a great announcement?

Stan Lee went onstage to announce a new group of animated movies, titled “Stan Lee’s Mighty 7,” which are scheduled to premiere on the Hub Network early 2014.

The show will be base on a group of 7 new super powered human like aliens.

Stan Lee made it clear that there were no secrets to this, and wanted everyone to know about it.

Hundreds of booths were set up in the convention but not all seem to get noticed.

Some fans went for the display of cosplay; others go for the special guests, but some go as their job.

Truly the main goal of “Comikaze” is for the fan’s experience to learn and for all the exhibitors that set up booths to get some recognition.

Some indie writers and artists will attend many conventions yearly, but struggle to gain some appreciation.

When attending these kinds of events take into consideration that the most booths are there as part of the experience, and will help you discover new publishers you could become a fan of.

Aside from all the good aspects there were a few disappointments.

To some people waiting in line was the least of their problems, but realizing you wasted a few hours in line only to have to pay for your heroes’ autograph and picture, disillusioned many people who had no knowledge that they had to pay and felt truly cheated by this.

One tip if you plan to attend “Comikaze” in years to come, it’s worth the time and money, but be prepared to spend if you plan on leaving with even greater memories to hold onto.

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