2-in-1 L.A. restaurant comes to Riverside

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Vietnamese eatery Calibasil and international flat bread concept known as Oven 450 opened its doors for the first time on the sunny
afternoon of Oct. 25.

Not being what I expected, I was taken away by the originality of this new hip two-in-one restaurant.

Focusing on Vietnamese specialty Pho and Banh Mi sandwiches, Calibasil allows you to customize your meal to the fullest extent.

It’s a completely different approach to typical Vietnamese eateries, giving this place a modernistic feel.

Calibasil now makes it possible for you to walk into a restaurant and enjoy a nice, hot bowl of Pho, fully personalized to your liking, in less than three minutes.

They start you off with your noodles, hot, fresh, and fully cooked right in front of you, with different garnishes such as fresh and locally sourced scallions, onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, cilantro, mint, and bean sprouts, you can enhance your soup as much as you’d like.

You’re then offered the option of meats, chicken or beef (also naturally grown.) and for the vegetarians, they also offer organic tofu and vegetarian broth to crown your Pho.

Offering all sorts of international forms of flat bread Oven 450 has a great choice of variety.

From Korean style flat bread pizzas to Mediterranean style flat bread dishes everything on the Oven 450 menu was surprisingly filled with flavor and easy on the wallet, most dishes cost around $5.

40-year-old, UCR graduate, and CEO of Calibasil, Justin Vuong wanted to introduce a new concept of Vietnamese food to Riverside.

“Vietnamese food, especially Pho , is very popular, but it’s not mainstream yet. We want to be able to do that – Most restaurants you go to, customers notice that they go in, order and they bring the food from the kitchen, out. Most concepts now, like Chipotle and Subway; it’s all in front of you now.” Vuong said.

Th e smart conceptualizationy of Calibasil and Oven 450 was to make eating a dishes like Pho and flat bread faster and more personalized.

With more Calibasil and Oven 450 combination restaurants opening in California, Texas, Massachusetts and Florida this eatery will be sure to stick around.

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