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2-in-1 L.A. restaurant comes to Riverside

  PATRICIA MEJIA | STAFF WRITER Vietnamese eatery Calibasil and international flat bread concept known as Oven 450 opened its doors for the first time on the sunny afternoon of Oct. 25. Not being what I expected, I was taken away by the originality of this new hip two-in-one restaurant. Focusing on Vietnamese specialty Pho and Banh Mi sandwiches, Calibasil allows you to customize your

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McCartney shuts down Hollywood Boulevard

PATRICIA MEJIA | STAFF WRITER The streets of Hollywood were mesmerized on September 23 when ex-Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney made his first appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. After a short interview with Jimmy Kimmel discussing his first visit to Hollywood with the Beatles 50 years ago, the songwriter told Kimmel about “anxiety dreams” he

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Polaroid exhibit captures nostalgic feel

Patricia Mejia | Staff Writer About two weeks ago, Polaroid pictures were just old pictures of embarrassing moments at Christmas parties and  funny outfits I wore as a kid. Today, Polaroid pictures shine the light on a new embodiment of art. Through the lens of a Polaroid camera, artist Susan Mikula reinvents the definition of

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