Twigs will bewitch your soul

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Conner Munson | Asst. Inscape Editor

A music video without chains, girls, and rims?

In FKA Twigs’ new video for  the single, “Water Me”, the viewer only sees a close-up of her face for the entirety of the piece, staring at you, beckoning you forward like a wretched siren.

As the young Brit’s face moves from the top of the frame to the bottom, her head clicks robotically side to side, as if her head is the piece of plastic on a prize wheel, that slows down the passing of each little section.

When she comes to a stop in the middle, you can scarcely see above her well-groomed eyebrows, or beneath her sumptuous red lips.

Is she too close?

You lean back in your chair, but realize, as she begins to sing, that you are not close enough.

Her wide, doll-like eyes, entice you.

You must keep watching.

In a understated tale of sex and acceptance, Twigs will haunt you to the very core.

She makes you feel as though you are her boyfriend, listening to her recant a tale of when she was a prostitute, causing an instantaneous catharsis.

“I guess I’m stuck with me” seems to be the resolution she comes to in her tormented trip-hop masterpiece.

You want to reach in and wipe the tear that begins to form in the corner of her eye.

The tear grows until it is a large crystalline droplet, far too big for her face.

It appears that this one tear, which crawls around her face, shimmers with the luminosity of countless other tears.

With the finality of her statement, “I told him ‘water me’’’, the tear rises up and plops on her head, making an onomatopoeia out of the chilling image.

Her eyes, ever-growing, yet unmoving, seem to cry from within, expressing a multitude of sorrow.

Find Twigs on Tumblr, and the director, Jesse Kanda, at

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