Music Video Madness

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Conner Munson | Asst. Inscape Editor

Underneath a harsh fluorescent light, a tarp-wrapped body is lazily loaded into the back of a soccer-mom minivan.

In Thee Oh Sees’ video for “Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster”, we watch as a man crams a body into a decrepit blue van, paired with the soundtrack of their new riff-rock single.

The camera turns, and the light that once obscured the devious act, now illuminates a new character.

An onlooker, paralyzed by the fear of discovery, stands as steadfast as the lamp post above him, careful not to rustle the plastic bags that encompass his newly-bought groceries.

The protagonist, who has just finished closing the hatch of the van, turns with the solemn vigilance of a man who knows he is being watched.

Suddenly, he makes a break for the voyeur, who has gently set down his groceries.

With the crescendo of a punk-rock fuzz groove, one can recall that this is music video for a psychedelic noise-rock band.

Its as if the enthralling premise and introduction to the video convinces the viewer that Tarantino directed it.

With a flurry of motion, the man engulfs his prey and prepares him for the trunk of the minivan.

The groceries, which are now strewn across to pavement, act like little islands that cause the streams of blood to channel around them.

Concurrently, a man passes on the street adjacent to the parking lot in which the gruesome scene takes place.

Knowing that he has been seen once again, the protagonist grabs the plastic grocery bag and after a series of clever jump-cuts, makes quick work of his third victim.

Now the van is loaded, forced closed in order to keep the myriad  of bodies within from rolling out.

After a short drive, he pulls into the driveway of what appears to be his final destination.

In an absurd turn of events, standing in the driveway is a man loading a body into his own car, and as the men stare at eachother with climactic anticipation, the video cuts to black.

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