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Eminem returns to roots with new singles

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Rafael Rios|Staff Writer


Image courtesy of: Eminem Instagram


From “Infinite” (1996), to his more recent album “Recovery” (2010), Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III), recently announced a new album set to be released November 5, two years since his last album was released.

Eminem will be releasing “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” a follow up to his album “The Marshall Mathers LP” which was released in 2000.

Can we expect a similar sound after a thirteen-year window?

With the announcement of a new album came the release of two new singles “Survival,” and “Berzerk,” which was accompanied by a music video.The sound of rapping in front of an oversized boom box gives the video an early 90s feel. Another 90s approach used was sound, similar to that of the Beastie Boys, but true to the early Slim Shady rapping styles. “Berzerk” gives us a sense of where he might have gone with this album (“Let’s take it back to straight hip-hop/ and start it from scratch”). Eminem heads straight into the roots of hip-hop alongside producer Rick Rubin, who is one of the founders of Def Jam Records, a prominent American record label focused mainly on hip-hop artists.

The single “Survival” is different than “Berzerk,” showcasing a slightly slower beat, almost similar to that of Mathers’ 2002 single “Til’ I Collapse.” Being a part of the hip-hop industry for so long, Eminem doesn’t seem to have any intentions of stopping just yet, as he expresses in some new lyrics: (“let me remind you/ of what got me this far/ picture me quitting/now draw a circle around it/and put a line through it”). By using words to paint a mental picture of a “do not sign,” he describes his ambitious pursuit to keep going and keep achieving (“I must be a-llergic to failure/cause every time/I come close to it/I just sneeze/but I just go achoo/then achieve”).

Two things are certain: the sounds of the two singles are fairly different, but both give us an idea of what to expect. With “Berzerk” going back to the late 90s we can expect similar beats, and rhythms throughout the album.

“Survival” sticks more to his early 2000s sounds, but explains to the listeners that he will not be quitting any time soon, so we can be sure to keep hearing his name come up on the radio stations for quite a while.

For all those with heightened curiosity in Eminem’s new material, you will just have to wait until November to answer the rest of your burning questions.

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