Free Food For Fees

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Ariel White | Staff Writer

It was 102 degrees outside but that didn’t stop hundreds of Riverside City College
students from lining up and receiving a free meal on Sept. 5.

“Today is Tiger Pride day in conjunction with our Welcome Day BBQ,” said Miguel Bagsit, our Student body vice president.

As long as your student fees were paid you were welcome to receive a barbecued hot dog, chips and a soda.

“I feel the Welcome BBQ went really well,” said Ravneet Kaura, Director of the Board of Commissioners. “It allowed students to get involved and show their tiger pride.”

The student government offered the BBQ twice on Thursday, once between noon and 2 p.m. and again between 4-6 p.m. for the evening students.

“We’re planning on giving away 700 hot dogs,” stated Ravneet, “We want to do something like this on the first Thursday of every month to share our tiger spirit.”

When asked, Why Hot dogs? Miguel Bagsit replied, “They are quick, easy to grill and easy to grab. We do plan on, however, switching it up for future events.”

He also  stated, “We’ll be hosting future events where students can talk about programs and initiatives. We need a day where we can celebrate our pride in Riverside City College and try to increase student engagement.”

The Welcome Day BBQ included two food trucks, vendor tents, and plenty of Campus club information booths.

I found two stands handing out ice-cold Energy drinks and Marie Calendars sponsored a counter providing a free slice of pie to every student.

The most popular booth was the one giving away the RCC swag.

As long as students were wearing the school colors orange and black or had downloaded the brand new ASRCC app to their phone, they were encouraged to spin a huge prize wheel. Hundreds of water bottles, calculators, and backpacks were generously given away.

This event, especially the water balloon  fight, increased student engagement.

The welcome BBQ and other events like will hopefully motivate all students to pay their fees. After all, “It is the student fees that are paying for the food and funding all the clubs.” Miguel Bagsit.

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