Local artist revitalizes gospel

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By Ben Swinford | Special to Viewpoints

With the talent he possesses and the comfort he has on stage, Andrew Enos has recorded his talents and released the rock album “Grey” with the help of producer Rolly Ladd.

Showing off his talents on stage at Wildwood Calvary Chapel every Wednesday, Sunday morning and night as one of the worship leaders for the church band, Enos also has a side project of creating his own music and making his talents known to people outside the chapel he releases his album “Grey.”

The humble 22-year-old singer/songwriter picked up his first drumstick at the age of four and guitar at 11.

“Nothing I could have done to earn it or learn it, it was just all God given.” Enos said.

With the gift of being humble Enos praises God for the musical talents he has given him.

“My dad just gave me a piece of paper with chord charts and I believed that the Lord was my teacher,” he said.

“My motivation is having an artistic mind,” Enos said. “I need to have a creative outlet,

I want to create something. His reflection is what goes on in my heart about Jesus and other people.

My motivation has always been Jesus and his ministry that ignites my heart. I’ve always just been motivated by Jesus.”

With indie more of his musical genre Enos with the motivation of his Savior, decided to put his musical talent to the test and try something different by releasing a Christian rock album “Grey” with producer Rolly Ladd.

The meaning and creation of his album “Grey” came from a bible scripture Revelation 3:15-16.

“The Lord talking to the church being half in with mixed colors black and white makes grey. I want to leave grey areas, to not be warm, But all in with God” Enos said.

“This album is for the church and people to be more on fire.”

Enos wanted “Grey” to look and appreciate the heart of music.

His released album contains nine tracks of worshiping and thanking God for all he has done for him as well as the people of Wildwood Calvary Chapel.

Enos plans on releasing a new album later in the year containing more of his indie style of music called “Andrew Enos, Devine Disaster.”

Creating an indie worship album is something the young artist has always wanted to do.

“My desire is to create something everyone will be able appreciate musically and something that people can worship to as well,” Enos said.

“The message of my upcoming album ‘Divine Disaster’ is when we worship in the presence of God he also finds us. Like a natural disaster he breaks down the barriers that come between, it’s a Devine disaster.”

“What I see in Andrew Enos’ music is talent that is led by the lord, I really like his music” Billy Maloney, a fan of Enos said.

The growing number of fans after each service of worship complements the singer/songwriter.

Amazed by his unique voice and style people want more of his music.

“Worshiping with God’s people is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced,” Enos said.

“I think that people don’t know the Lord can walk into a room where worship is taking place and they can sense the presence of God and that’s what I hope this album does as well.”

Enos also works and gives music lessons at Inland Leaders Charter School to kids who attend.

“Grey” is available on iTunes, and to learn more about Enos, find his lyrics and store, visit his web site: http://www.andrewenos.com.

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