New student trustee elected

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By Amanda Arroway | News Editor

VOICE OF THE STUDENTS: Jared Snyder was elected student trustee of
Riverside Community College District last month.

Last month Jared Snyder was elected as the next student trustee of Riverside Community College District.

Snyder comes from Norco College, where he was involved with Associated Students of Norco College for the past two years.

During that time, he was a senator, vice president and member at large for campus relations.

Last month, Snyder was elected as the next student trustee of Riverside Community College District.

He ran unopposed for the position, collecting 406 votes throughout the district.

He received 155 votes from Moreno Valley College, 15 votes from Riverside City College and 236 votes from Norco College.

Snyder has remained involved in the community since his junior year in high school.

He said he was hired by Norco to be a recreational leader, where he was involved in youth sports.

“That really got me involved in the community,” Snyder said.

“Once I came to Norco College, I was able to serve in other avenues like student government to help represent students.”

He said since joining Associated Students of Norco College, he has found that he enjoys serving the students and he has a knack for it.

Snyder said those were reasons why he ran for student trustee.

“When this position came up I thought it would be a really good place to utilize my talents and a good place to put in effort that I would enjoy,” Snyder said.

He said he wants to build communication between the three colleges and their students.

“What I want to stress the most is the communication between the students and the student representatives and to make sure it is accurate,” Snyder said.

“At Norco College we have used surveys and talking to students with classroom presentations and we are trying to use many avenues to getting student feedback to help represent them on high levels.”

Snyder said he has met with the presidents representing each student body at the District’s three colleges.

“I plan on traveling to each of the colleges at least once a month to talk about the different issues going on,” he said.

The role of a student trustee according to the Community College League of California is split between two perspectives.

A student trustee must both represent students within a district, as well as bear the responsibility of a full member of the local governing board.

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